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"Strategic Management" by S.Kadri Mirze (co-authored with H.Ulgen)has been awarded by Turkish Academy of Sciences(TUBA) as the Best Business Textbook of 2009 in Social Sciences. The 5th edition was published by Beta Publishing Co. in 2010.

The re-print of "Introduction to Business, 2nd ed." by S.Kadri Mirze was published by Literatur Publishing Co. in 2007.
"İşletme" by S.Kadri Mirze (the Turkish version of "Introduction to Business") has been awarded by Turkish Academy of Sciences(TUBA) with the Honorable Mention for 2011. 





Uluslararası İşletmecilik
Stratejik Yönetim
İşletme Yönetimi






Throughout the history, man-made organizations being created  for business operations and transactions, have played a vital role in  increasing  the welfare of the communities.

In  the recent decades, rapidly changing environments  and increased inter-communal relations  due to the globalization, created a very competitive platform throughout the planet  and, consequently, all societies became more dependent on global business activities and  most turned into  “business-oriented societies”.*

In this context, every member of a society, individually,can face or feel the effects  of “business”  directly or indirectly.

This personal website has been established with the purpose of sharing information about the business and  its entities(organizations). It will  predominantly focus on sharing, discussing, and providing   valuable academic knowledge and information  to  solve the problems encountered  in daily business  life and  to achieve sustainable growth and competitiveness in the long run.  

At this stage, the website will have more more focus on business  students  in higher education institutes and training centers. In the near future, it will  be extended  to general public and will  include more practical information  for entrepreneurs, executives, and practicioners-the pillars of the business life- to enable them to solve their daily management problems with sound academic knowledge and information .

I wish you all the best and very prosperous business life...

S.Kadri Mirze,PhD




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Dictionary - View detailed dictionary*Quoted from Prof.T.Koçel's foreword to "İşletmeS.K.Mirze;Literatür Publ.Co.2010"




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